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Filet Mignon or Wagyu Beef?

Our Executive Chef Vincenzo Loverso has created two dishes – one featuring prime filet mignon and the other featuring wagyu beef – to showcase the unique and exclusive items in our menu, two irresistible combinations that you just can’t go wrong with! They are the Greystone Signature plates!

Indulge in our most tender 8oz. Prime Filet Mignon topped with a serving of rich, buttery, and delicate Foie Gras or, 8oz of intensely marbled, luxurious Wagyu beef paired with an elegant and delicious, wild Australian Lobster tail on the side.

Wagyu Beef & Wild Australian Lobster Tail
Either way, there is just no going wrong with these culinary delights! The perfect solution for those days when making a choice between all of our prime, dry-aged beef cuts, exotic game and fresh seafood options featured in our menu just seems like too much work!

Oh, and don’t be afraid to sprinkle some freshly shaved Italian Black Summer Truffles for your own gourmet feast! You’re welcome! 😉

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